Please take a look at our latest video episode of the Mobile Biz Buzz featuring (me) Candace Papajohn and the Nissan Leaf!

Key takeaway from the video - go green meets mobile:

Verizon Wireless has initiatives in everyday business to protect the environment as it is adding new “go green” initiatives. It is using solar technology to power more than 20 cell sites in the western United States. Verizon Wireless created HopeLine, which allows phones to be properly recycled. The IT department uses company workstations to conserve electricity.

At each NASCAR Sprint Cup Series there is a Sprint booth located in the track. The booth allows fans to come donate used phones and promote cell phone recycling efforts. Since 2001, Sprint has recycled more than 24 million phones. One properly recycled wireless phone supports the conservation of resources, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and helps prevent air and water pollution.

Zco didn’t want to be left out of green initiatives. The Nissan Leaf is our new company car! It is a 100% electric car that can be controlled by a free iPhone app. The Nissan Leaf app can control and report features from a remote location. Take a look at our sweet new ride in this episode!

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