Dogs Running in fieldHey, remember Friendster? How about MySpace? Oh, they’re both still around; Friendster has refocused on social gaming and MySpace is totally about the music now. But why did they move away from general social networking?

You know the answer: because Facebook cleaned their clocks.

Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t the first to market a social website to the masses, but Facebook is currently the biggest, valued at up to $96 billion. Even this hasn’t stopped others from pushing smaller, more specialized networks. caters to “Emo, Punk, Goth, Vamp, Indie or else” subcultures, while calls itself the “Christian MySpace Alternative.”

All this serves to demonstrate that being first isn’t necessarily a guarantee of success. If something new is compelling enough, users will switch, and new people will come on board too.

This principle is just as true of mobile apps as it is of social networks. It’s rare to find any app category with only a single offering. Just recently we’ve covered the multiple choices in cooking, running, and comparison shopping apps. Even among the apps our own mobile app development services team has helped create for clients, there’s more than one athletic performance video assessment app; both Spark Motion Basic and Chicken Dinner survive because they take different approaches to similar needs.

If something like your business or idea is already in the mobile marketplace, you needn’t dismiss the idea of getting in yourself. There are two approaches you can take.

  • Be Facebook. That is, do everything your competitors do, but do it better, and add new features that attract everyone to your app. How could the user interface be better? How could users be more engaged?
  • Be a niche player. Success doesn’t have to mean being the biggest or only option for your customers. Targeting a narrow demographic can build intense loyalty; your customers won’t jump ship at the next shiny app because they know you understand them.

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