The year 2014 saw big advances in the tech sector. New operating systems, extended multiscreen usage, wearable tech, and the Internet of Things (IoT) all brought changes to our daily lives.

We're proud of the mobile app development services we provide, of course, but we also admire the work of others. Some of the best apps of 2014 featured eye-catching design, intuitive interfaces, and speedy execution.

Here are some picks from Zco staff from many app categories:

  • 1Password Security App1Password (Security)  – The best way to describe 1Password is as an efficient password manager that ensures your online security. 1Password stores user site passwords, credit card numbers, and identify information in a "vault" that is protected by a master password. Log in once and you have access to all your favorite online services. The long and random passwords generated by 1Password are harder to guess than the birthdays and pet names many people use, reducing the risk of anyone hacking your account. Free for iOS and Android; syncing with Mac and Windows machines costs extra.

  • Health-Mate Health AppHealth Mate (Health) – For all the health buffs out there, Health Mate is the perfect solution to keep track of your daily activity, heart rate, sleep hours, blood pressure, weight, and more.  Voted as the "App Store Best of 2014" by Apple in 15 countries, the app can be used alone or paired with Withings hardware.  Watches, bracelets, and scales collect information for the app and helps you to track your health. Free for iOS and Android.

  • Camera+Photography AppCamera+ (Photography)  – If you are looking for app that can turn your photographs splendid, then Camera+ is it. A winner of many app awards, Camera+ offers a wide range of exposure controls and advanced settings like the smart Clarity filter, front flash, preset and adjustable effects, 6x digital zoom, and timer. $2.99 for iPhone, $4.99 for iPad.

  • 120 Sports Sports App120 Sports (Sports) – Finding it difficult to keep up with sports news? Want to check some great sports videos? Download 120 Sports to get on-demand video content, live streaming sports programming, and data cards for each story. It covers highlights from MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA Tour, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, NASCAR. and more. Free for iOS and Android.

  • Storehouse Visual Storytelling appStorehouse - Visual Storytelling  (Entertainment) – Winner of the 2014 Apple Design Award, Storehouse is for telling and sharing stories with pictures and videos. The app imports photographs and videos from Camera Roll, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, and Lightroom, letting you combine them with text and share on social networks and blogs. Free for iOS.

  • Trip Advisor Hotels Flights RestaurantsTripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants (Travel)  – Making travel a little less stressful, TripAdvisor's mobile app features more than just airfare, lodging, and dining booking. You can also download maps and reviews for more than 300 cities to cut down on expensive data roaming charges and use Near Me Now to discover places to explore right around the corner. Free for iOS and Android.

What were your favorite apps of 2014? Let us know in the comments!

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