Last week, we talked about generating buzz for an app before it hits the market. What about the app that’s alMobile Ads Display Locationready out there? Post-release marketing takes you from the initial launch through updates and, ideally, growing success.

Keep advertising. Web and mobile ads can still be used to promote your now running app. In print, QR codes can be implemented into magazines, press releases, onto your website etc. for people to scan and download your app directly.

Encourage talking. As stated before, word of mouth truly is one of the best ways to get free advertising. The big, inviting tweet button in Flappy Bird helped that app become the talk of Twitter. Engage people in discussion about your app through the use of social media, in-person conversation, or on other relevant websites. If people like your app they will talk about it, and if they talk about it others might too.

Get linked. Compose blog entries for your own company’s site and also offer guest blog entries to sites whose readers might be interested in your app. Review sites and forums are also a great place to get discussion going about your mobile app, as long as you’re not simply blasting out pleas for downloads. The more credible sites link to your own, the higher your app ranks in web searches.Newsletters

Distribute the news. Newsletters are another great way to keep your app in people’s minds. Not only can you let consumers know what is going on within your company but you can also promote your app and share information that they might share themselves – with your name attached.

Enter contests. For example, has a contest where companies can submit their apps to be considered for various awards. If a company wins it will be mentioned in a press release, which will be shown on at least 40 different news sites. Even if a company does not win it still provides for increased app downloads and traffic to their site.

Staying up to date and constantly looking for new ways to promote your app will be your biggest help in creating mobile app popularity. To get started on development or speak to a mobile app expert, call (603) 881-9200 or email us.

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