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BlackBerry is getting a lot of negative press worldwide, especially since its share value plunged to a depth of $6.31 per BlackBerry useful for mobile marketingshare during the third quarter of 2012. It has since recovered to over $11 a share. Certainly, Yacktman Asset Management sees value in the 80 million BlackBerry users worldwide but does this mean mobile marketing teams can as well?

Why Use BlackBerry For Mobile Marketing

It is estimated that by 2014, smartphones will be readily available for less than $200 making them even more accessible than ever before. One potential issue faced by companies looking to use BlackBerry for mobile marketing is the fact that its US market share is now estimated to be at just 1.6%. Yet this still equates to millions of users and potentially millions of dollars of revenue just waiting to be gained.

Although there are fewer BlackBerry devices on the market, the amount of money spent by users far surpasses that of Android and iPhone users. They are more likely to have a high level of disposable income, which can be spent on downloading BlackBerry apps. By July 2012, more than 3 billon apps had been downloaded since the launch of BlackBerry App World.

Government employees in the United States in particular are given BlackBerries because of the platform’s security credentials. Since these individuals are often high ranking employees, they have tremendous purchasing power and it could be a case of benefiting from a small yet lucrative market rather than relying on the general public. Best mobile marketing practice means finding customers in a specific niche, targeting them and catering to all their needs. By looking at BlackBerry users, you’ve found a readymade target market. All you have to do is find out what they need and give it to them.

Is BlackBerry Better Than Other Smartphones For Mobile Marketing?

The advantages of a BlackBerry over other smartphones are substantial: it is easier to type on the BlackBerry keyboard; it has instant messaging, is suitable for business use and has a long battery life. However, much of the advantage of having a good keyboard is negated by the small screen, and the BlackBerry has far fewer apps than its rivals. This is why iPhone and Android leave BlackBerry trailing in their respective wakes when it comes to market share.

If you are going to use BlackBerry for your marketing campaign and target BlackBerry users, your ability to sell must be first class. While BlackBerry users may have more disposable income than iPhone or Android users in general, there are far fewer of them. If you can sell a product or offer a service that will benefit wealthy professionals bereft of free time, mobile marketing via BlackBerry could be very lucrative.

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