Technology will never stop advancing and improving. The same stands for the iPhone. The iPhone 5 is set to hit shelves “supposedly” by the end of October. In all honestly it doesn’t sound much different from the iPhone 4.  The RAM will remain the same at 512 MB. The look of the phone will also be exactly the same.

There is expected to be a difference with the antenna. The reception is supposed to improve but the look and shape of it will remain the same.

Once it does hit the shelves there will be a choice of the black phone or the white.  Sixty percent of the phones manufactured already have been of the black variety.

Another feature that is rumored to be improved on is a higher resolution 8 megapixel camera. The camera modules for the iPhone 5 will be made by Sony and Omnivision, and the module will be almost the same height as the one found in the iPhone 4. This is all according the Kuo’s industry checks.

Apple is said to be building 30 million fifth generation iPhones by the end of this December. Just in time for the holiday season!

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