There are a plethora of educational iPad apps that can be downloaded for the purposes of not only helping teachers teach, but students learn in the best way they possibly can.

There are countless iPad app developers that make educational apps for all of the different subjects taught in the classroom.

English/Language Arts - has a wide range of app interactive games for kindergarteners all the way through the high school and college level.

How Rocket learned to Read” is an app developed by Tad Hills. This interactive app game is geared towards younger children who are learning to read.

There are two methods to help them learn:

  • The words are highlighted while the narrator reads the story aloud.
  • The narration can be turned off while the students read on their own. Then, they can tap on the word to have it read back to them.

Shakespeare in Bits.” – for high school students learning and reading Shakespeare
This educational app includes…

Mathematic apps are fun very simple to find.

There are ways to make math fun with an interactive game “Math Bingo” geared towards the elementary level.
High school students can also have it easy and fun in what may be a dreaded subject to some, Algebra. The Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant helps;

  • To make homework easier and understandable.
  • Most importantly, help students ace their exams.

Science is a fun subject and it can get even more fun with an interactive iPad app.

Britannica for Kids Volcanoes is an app with games about volcanoes. It also has a way to see where the nearest volcano is to your location. Volcanoes have just officially become less scary and way more exciting.

iPad apps for Education seem to be making learning easier and more effective for students of all ages. The learning becomes more intimate, it caters to many different styles to accommodate all students, and the iPad apps create more participation because it is an interactive learning environment. There was an assessment done in a California school system, where fourth graders interacted with the iPod Touch. Their reading scores improved significantly and their over all progress rates were higher than other institutes in the surrounding districts.

Whether or not schools and colleges in the country are ready to go viral on the iPad for education, it is safe to say it's a useful tool to help students with their particular learning styles, while keeping it fun and interactive at the same time.

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