PAX East 2012Hey guys, my name is Phil Bonnier and I’m a new intern at Zco Corporation. Over this past weekend, April 6th – April 8th, I was at PAX East 2012. PAX East is a video game convention held yearly in Boston, MA. Besides the thousands of attendees that show up every year, there are plenty of booths, panels, concerts, and excitement there as well. Hundreds of publishers and developers setup booths in the expo hall to show off what they have to offer. Many of these booths are dedicated to new games being released, different computer products, or just selling video game related gifts. At many of these booths, free stuff is given away. This is known as SWAG, “stuff we all get.” ☺

Gaming conventionBesides the excitement of receiving free things, many booths held raffles that give away huge prizes (some are full gaming computers) and mini competitions to win even more prizes. During each day, there were different panels throughout that one could attend. This weekend included panels like “Rooster Teeth”, “ X-Play: Live Show Taping ”, “So You Want to Get into the Game Industry? ”, and “Pitch Your Game Idea!”, just to name a few. These panels fill up quickly, and lines are started well before the panel’s show time.

The PAX gaming convention 2012One of the most fun aspects of the show is the freedom to walk around the convention center. If one gets tired of walking around or watching panels, they could relax in the “Free to Play” room, “Bring Your PC” room, or PAX’s Arcade room. These are places one could join hundreds of others to relax and game.


Finally, at the end of Friday and Saturday night, concerts began at 8:30PM and went until 2AM. Friday night showcased bands such as, Supercommuter, Minibosses, Metroid Metal, and Protomen. Saturday showcased: Video Game Orchestra, Paul and Storm, Jonathan Coulton, and MC Frontalot. These concerts were packed full with exciting fans that erupted with excitement and energy!

The PAX video game convention

I have attended PAX East for the past three years and overall, it stays true to its fans and will continue to be one of the best conventions to experience. Below are some great photos from the show taken by a friend of mine, James Rosseel.PAX East 2012




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