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Hi, my name's Michael Moon from 4M development and I am the creator of iLinks. iLinks is an iOS application compatible with your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. You should download iLinks today because iLinks helps you find all the apps that you never knew existed. That's right, there's thousands and thousands and thousands of apps out there that you don't even know about. But iLinks knows. iLinks will find them for you. You'll find your favorite apps, your favorite music, your favorite books, all from your profile. You can even share the apps that you find on Facebook and Twitter with all your friends.

iLinks - The app store app

When I decided to create an application, I conducted a lot of research over the Internet and that's when I found Zco. Zco was 100% professional, they were courteous, they're great to work with; they took me through the whole development process, all the way up to the launch. And even after the launch they are helping us with marketing. They are really really a great firm to work with.

iLinks is available in two versions: iLinks Lite, which is free, and iLinks the paid version, which is 99 cents.


More than just an alternative way to search iTunes, iLinks recommends apps and content based on your interests.

When new apps, books, and music come out that you might enjoy, iLinks automatically finds them and lets you know. You can control how often you're informed. Your interests can be as all-encompassing as "science fiction" or as specific as "time travel dystopias with female protagonists". The paid upgrade allows you to enter many more interests.

With iLinks, you never have to worry about missing the latest release from your favorite developers or artists. It's the perfect way to keep up in the digital world.

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