Advancements in medical technology have changed the way people view and understand healthcare. For educating patients, 3D animation technology is on the forefront and it opens doors to find healthcare solutions.

Block removal from coronary artery with the help of Angioplasty treatment

Advantages of 3D Animation in Healthcare

1. Patient Education

Sometimes merely words cannot explain the complex mechanisms of the human body. Well, here is where a professional medical animation works to meet the challenge.

A 3D animated video can illustrate internal processes that cannot be seen with the naked eye. In contrast to a 2D illustration or photograph, a 3D image or video presents the human body in dynamic detail, allowing in-depth visualization. Many medical organizations are now opting for 3D medical videos to depict their treatment procedures.

It’s true, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Most patients do not have medical education, so a quick 3D video of a surgery can tell a lot more than an hour of consultation.


2. Professional Training

A 3D animation can also be used as an educational tool for medical research and training. Surgeons can review animations as they train for their specialties. It also allows them to illustrate concepts, medical theories, treatment processes, detailed anatomy, physiology, and other health related areas through medical simulations in an interactive manner.

The intricacies of science can be explicated with a 3D medical presentation. 3D is an effective tool to demonstrate surgical procedures and pharmacological Mechanisms of Action (MOA) to educate both doctors and patients.

3. Product Funding

When it comes time to present a brand new medical device, a 3D representation of product features allows the potential investor to better analyze how new medical equipment will work. The 3D medium helps instill a powerful impression in the viewer's mind.

4. Internet Marketing

These days people rely on the Internet to search for everything; a medical inquiry is no exception. Patients often consult the Web before speaking with a physician. Hospitals and surgery centers incorporating educational medical videos into their marketing and social media sites boost their name recognition and reputation among existing and prospective patients.

The medical animation industry is growing and it has become a powerful medium for healthcare communication. Accurate animation requires 3D artists that interface with medical manufacturing companies and healthcare professionals to create high-end 3D visuals. To learn more about creating medical animations, email us or call 603.881.9200.

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