comScore numbers came out for search engines this week. The numbers surprisingly show Google is loosing share ever so slightly, where as Yahoo and Bing are gaining share little by little.

Here are the numbers as of August; Google had 64.8 percent, down from 65.1 percent in July. Yahoo’s share grew by 0.2 percent to 16.3 percent, and Bing rose too by 0.3 percent to 14.7 percent.

I guess it is time to believe the slow growth of Yahoo and Bing, may be due to the Microsoft-Yahoo deal in 2010. Microsoft handles Yahoo’s search queries, and that combination is proving it works.

Bing is still behind Yahoo, but Microsoft is trying many avenues to make an impact with the online search engine. They have partnered with Facebook and now, Bing, will have a lot of airtime from the CW network. It will feature “TV to Bing About,” that strategically integrates more of the Gen Y audience.

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