Looking for app marketing solutions to increase your app downloads? Have you considered PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising? While Google AdWords' PPC advertising campaigns are most often utilized to drive traffic to a company's website, there is also an option to send ad viewers directly to a mobile app.

Internet user using Branded AppsIn a world with mobile app developers creating hundreds of thousands of apps for multiple platforms, it can be difficult to reach the right customers to download your app. PPC advertising can catch a user's attention, provide them with information about your company, and encourage them to seek even more content via your branded mobile app.

Instead of leaving users with just a website link on your Internet ad, use that space to create an immersive experience that keeps your company at the forefront of their minds. The average iOS user, for example, has more than 60 applications downloaded; suggest, in your PPC ad, that the person viewing it adds your application to their mobile device. With that download, quality artwork and intriguing content, you can help ensure your app is used multiple times by the right audience. The more a user experiences your app, the more your company or product will be in the forefront of their mind.

PPC can be a great a great tool to generate exposure for your app, set you apart from competition and encourage the audience you want to download your app. You can even include a QR code image in your ad that will allow mobile users to link directly to the download site for your app. So give it a try! Start with a simple ad that sends visitors to your app; you may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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