DOMINO ROLL*OUT is the hottest, newest, gambling app you can buy today! This exciting app is available at the iTunes store for the iPhone or iPad and the Android Market for smartphones.

Can’t make it to Vegas this weekend? Not a problem. This new app will allow users to feel the suspense, thrill and luck as if you were playing Domino Roll*Out as a high roller in Vegas.  Whether you’re feeling lucky or just have a need to roll some dice, play Domino Roll*Out anywhere by easily downloading the app to your favorite device.Domino Roll Out gambling game for iPhone

Just “shake your device to roll the dice!” That’s right.  By shaking the device users can simulate the rolling of the dice. Or simply tap the screen, if the situation calls for users to contain their excitement. Both options will allow the dice to roll.  Once rolled, that number will represent the number of “dots” the player will remove from the round. The entire goal of the game is to earn money, fake money that is, by placing smart bets and using a bit of natural luck. Achieve “Roll-out,” or zero dots, and collect the entire Jackpot!

Nothing on the market compares to Domino Roll*Out and we can’t wait for the whole world to try their luck! Domino Roll*Out is available in your iTunes App Store today for only $1.99, the Android Market for $1.99 - and coming soon to Las Vegas baby! Play today and feel the excitement!

The popularity of this new app is so exciting. To learn more about the game and how to play, please visit our web site: and check out our instructional YouTube video.

Domino Roll*Out was created and copyrighted by TLR and developed by Zco Corporation.

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