Dino Fight 3D game

Dino Fight, a new mobile game, has players contend as the terrible lizards in a prehistoric arena rendered in 3D.  The game is now available for iPhone and iPad for $1.99 and Android for $2.00.

Dino Fight gives players the combat power of these pre-historic creatures through three types of game modes: single player, multi-player, and practice mode. Once the players select a game mode, they can choose one of four dinosaurs, each with its own unique mix of energy, reflex, movement, and weight:

  • Ankylosaurus
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Triceratops
  • Velociraptor

With a combination of abilities like biting, ripping, jumping, unique moves, and trapping the enemy in pits of lava, players then battle to the death. The players can also choose special powers like Mega Shield, Time Freeze, and Double Strength once in each match to fight the enemy. Not only can players fight realistic looking dinosaurs, but they can also enhance their dinosaurs’ deadly fighting potential with extreme armor and weapon upgrades.

By competing in and winning fights against the computer or human opponents, players gain teeth as reward. Teeth can also be purchased right from the game: 10,000 at a time for $0.99. Teeth can then be used to buy battle upgrades:

  • Body Armor with Spikes
  • Protective Head Gear
  • Steel Claws
  • Steel Teeth
  • Tail Armor with Spikes
  • A 5-pack of Double Strength
  • A 5-pack of Mega Shield
  • A 5-pack of Time Freeze

The final move between the players is replayed as a slow-motion cut scene, which displays the 3D animation of the dinosaurs. Matches can be shared through Facebook once they are complete. The game will get future upgrades like a greater number of playable dinosaurs and different range of arenas.

Zco Corporation, one of the largest mobile app development companies in the world, developed Dino Fight for Gig Development.

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