These days, people keep their lives on their laptops. Everything from items of little worth (to anyone but the user) to priceless information is stored on these machines, so when a laptop is stolen, owners are understandably devastated. Pictures, passwords and other important documentation are lost to the hands of a complete stranger. But now, owners can prepare for the worst and dramatically increase the chance of finding the thief and recovering the PC with GadgetTrak, a program Zco Corporation assisted in creating. GadgetTrak not only uses Wi-Fi positioning technology to find a laptop's location but can also take a photo of the suspect. PC World calls GadgetTrak part of "a new breed of laptop security software [that] is turning the tables on thieves, giving owners and police a fighting chance of recovering the missing property and sometimes even bringing thieves to justice."

Why leave things to chance? Keep your priceless information safe, and in your own hands, by protecting your PC with GadgetTrak.

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