By completing chores, children earn mobile device privileges with approval from parents. Chores for Rewards is a new Android app that allows parents to block mobile device usage until children have earned it through good conduct and finishing chores. Parents can decide which applications can be accessed and how long children can use a device per day.  The app is available for free from Google Play.

Chores for rewards parental control app

  The Android device’s home screen is replaced by Chores for Rewards, so children must log in to use the device. Access is automatically blocked once a child hits the daily time limit or expends all earned time. Since the application time is connected to completing chores, tasks, and goals, it rewards children for contributing to the household. A complete tutorial is included to simplify customizing the settings for any family. Parents first set up their own admin accounts that allow them to configure user accounts, allot chores, select the apps children will be approved to use, and set time limits on usage. All settings can be accessed through the single Setup screen. Administrators can also view summaries of each child’s account, including:

  • Chores finished and pending
  • App time earned and used
  • Cash rewards earned and paid out

The first and last name, email address, nickname, and picture can be included in all accounts. Teen accounts can approve the chores marked off in younger child accounts. In case a child forgets a password, admins can recall user passwords for them. An unlimited number of six pre-loaded chores can be configured for free. Additional customizable chores can be bought within the application: five for $1.99, 10 for $2.99, and unlimited for $5.99.  The app’s advertising can be removed for $1.99. Pre-loaded chores include:

  • Brush your teeth
  • Make your bed
  • Clean your room
  • Take a shower or bath
  • Mow the lawn
  • Do homework

Each chore done earns a user a set amount of app time and a cash reward. The “My Chores” screen allows kids to check their chore time and earnings on their own. Parents or teens handle all approvals and payouts. Chores for Rewards includes connectivity to Facebook and Twitter, so users and administrators can share their accomplishments. More information and a video are available at

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