Knockoff strategy with a twist!

Knockoff strategy board game

Knockoff, is a strategy board game that will leave you addicted! The object of this iPad game is to knock off all of your opponent’s tiles from the board. Knockoff is comparable to the old-fashioned board game favorite ‘Checkers’, but with a twist! Knockoff allows players to move their pieces forwards, backwards and sideways and allows a blocking ‘twist’ move. Playing on the iPad allows for easy, clean and portable fun!

Knockoff is a two-player game and each player starts with six pieces. To knock off an opponent’s piece, you must make a move in which the colored side of your tile touches the colored side of your opponent’s tile. This will knock the opponent’s piece off the board. The game is over when you knock all of your opponent’s tiles off the board, or vice versa.

Knockoff keeps player's interest alive with three amusing levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced (for a real Knockoff champ)! Since it’s a two-player game, Knockoff is a great way to spend time with friends and family, especially on the go for instances including road trips, waiting for appointments or airplane flights.

Knocking off your opponent has never been more enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? Give this game a try by going to the iTunes store today and downloading Knockoff for $3.99. Online gaming will be coming soon and be sure to follow the game on both Facebook and Twitter via @GamesMasterusa!

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