Well known to most, RIM has had bleak earnings for sometime now. Is there anyway RIM can be saved?

There are a few suggestions that could bring these, even worse than expected, earnings up.

1. Bring in new management to get a set of fresh eyes on the problem. With the number of problems faced by RIM, new management could have been added in the middle of Blackberry 7 development. A change would also help with assurance in employee attitudes, after the recent layoffs.

2. Fix Blackberry App World. It doesn’t have the options like other app markets. Splurge on updating the marketplace.

3. Make sure the new QNX phones work properly. Blackberry 7 will sell enough for the next year, but you want to make sure that the QXN can take over soon and make a big splash on the market.

These are only a few suggestions for RIM to survive. With this and much more effort RIM can be saved, but it needs to start now. Read more suggestions here, http://gizmo.do/pRPGWy.

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