Business Cloud App Development

Cloud computing, as we all know, is one of the most trendy technologies around. Cloud computing solutions for business offer perks in terms of scalability, storage, and cost effectiveness. According to Gartner's annual top 10 strategic technology trends, the personal cloud  and hybrid and mobile cloud computing are expected to make phenomenal strides in the enterprise sector over the next three years.

As we referenced in our last blog, there are a number of advantages to choosing cloud computing:

On-demand cloud resources and new configurations can save time and enhance flexibility in a business. Be it a large or small company, there is a continuous need for innovation and connectivity. Cloud computing develops the ability to work on these initiatives without any further investments with the existing systems. It also helps to streamline changes in business focus at a smoother and rapid pace.

Mergers and acquisitions can go more smoothly with cloud technology. Consolidating organizational data becomes faster and easier when information can be accessed directly from the cloud.

Adapting and implementing new business models with cloud technology creates a shared learning experience. Employees can adapt and grow together, improving relationships and building connectivity.
With the ever-evolving cloud computing platform, the year 2014 is expected to produce an incredible growth in cloud-based applications. Implementing cloud technology is a wise choice for many businesses.

Every business is different, of course, and custom cloud apps will vary. Team Zco has put together a list of a few of our favorite business cloud apps that you can try for yourself to get your feet wet.

Morpholio: This cloud-based app provides ways to present a portfolio to potential clients and other creative professionals. Users can share their portfolios, invite other users to comment, sketch in a layer over their images, and share image libraries with other professionals. The app also allows printing your work into portfolio books and other products.

Flow: With the help of Flow, the user can manage and delegate tasks to various teams, discuss project ideas, organize tasks, and create tags. The app also provides email integration so that the user can organize tasks from their inbox. It syncs and integrates with all major devices.

Xero Accounting: With Xero, all accounts within a company are stored online in a secure system, and users can access and update the data at any time. Users can manage invoices and even get their payment online. Data is imported automatically, and Xero allows you to code your bank transactions and work with foreign currency. Xero also helps developers create a suite of custom add-ons that helps to make business transactions smoother.

Whether your business is big or small, cloud computing is a useful tool for streamlining the way your company runs. Building a cloud-based app with Zco is easy; give us a call at (603) 881-9200 or email us to learn more.

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