On May 4th, the ‘Droid Charge’ was a trend promoted by @SamsungMobileUS on Twitter.

The Samsung Droid Charge is in the works to be the second 4G/LTE Android Phone available from Verizon Wireless. This new model will be equipped with a 1ghz processor, an 8MP camera on the back with autofocus, LED Flash, plus a front facing camera for video calling.

Interestingly enough, Android chose the name ‘Droid Charge.’ In terms of Twitter, the trend revealed concern that Android phones take too long to charge and the battery life is very short. The trend, which surely was intended to generate exposure for the release of the new Samsung phone, actually generated mixed responses from consumers interested in the phone and consumers upset with the battery life and battery charge time on their current Android phones.

Not sure if choosing the name Droid Charge was the best branding decision for the new model when the “charge” seems to be a problem with the older models. Maybe this is a play on the fact they’ve improved the battery? Only time will tell!

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