NFC or Near Field Communication is integrated into an increasing number of smartphones. Google Wallet is the first app that crosses our minds when we talk about NFC. However, NFC technology is not just limited to payment alone; it can be utilized for health care checkup and patient monitoring, parking systems, transportation, even creative interactive NFC apps.  For example, NFC technology is enabled at The Museum of London, which provides its visitors access to vouchers from the museum's shop and cafes and more information about various museum exhibits.

Various mobile phones support NFC technology, including Android models from Samsung, HTC, LG, and others. Here is a list of some of the best NFC apps developed:

  • Trigger Mobile App - NFC Payment App Trigger (formerly NFC Task Launcher): This Android app is designed to do various tasks based on your surroundings. It’s distributed by an NFC tag seller, but can also perform tasks based on Bluetooth or WiFi networks. Actions include changing mobile data, volume, display brightness, and notification light settings; automatically checking in on Foursquare and Google Places; and sending messages via Twitter, SMS, or email. A Pro upgrade expands the triggers to include battery level, location, and time.
  • Samsung Tectiles App - Developing NFC App for AndroidSamsung TecTiles: There are multiple benefits of this Android app, which lets the user perform various tasks like change settings on the phone, launch apps, check in to places, update social status, make phone calls, and send text messages. To utilize the app the user needs to buy Samsung TecTile NFC Programmable Tags. The programmable NFC tags can be placed on the user’s business card, posters, check-in locations, etc. Although the app and TecTiles might work on non-Samsung devices with NFC, Samsung only guarantees functionality with a list of its own phones and tablets.
  • NFC Retag Free - NFC App Development ServiceNFC ReTAG FREE: As the name suggests, this Android app lets users repurpose write-protected NFC tags like hotel key-cards, price tags, access badges, key fobs, etc.  With the app the user need not write anything on the tag, and no data is sent to the Internet. Multiple activities and cycles can be combined per tag. The app can change device settings, toggle wireless networks on and off, launch apps and URLs, make calls, and set alarms.

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