Over the years we have seen a technology revolution, but until recently no one would believe a wearable computer had been created. In 2012 Google Glass, a headpiece that connects to applications on a smartphone, allows you to film, photograph, search, and translate on a real time basis. The features of the gadget include flash storage, high quality voice control, mobile data connectivity, enhanced navigation, and live data acquisition with the help of Google Now and other newsfeed apps.

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Glassware applications or Google Glass apps are free apps developed for photo manipulation, facial recognition, and social media sharing like Facebook and Twitter. Third party developers are developing most of the applications. Google Glass and Google Glass apps have already shown their utility in demanding situations, and are not just for the average consumer.

Google Glass for Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, what’s believed to be the first Google Glass-assisted surgery was broadcast from Madrid, Spain on June 21, 2013. Also with the help of Google Glass, a surgery from Maine was streamed live to a Google Hangout just a few days later. The biggest medical advancement will be using this new technology in the classroom as an effective teaching medium.

Google Glass for Consumers

The development for Google Glass is not just for industry professionals either. Some of the coolest apps for consumers include applications in the social media, travel, and lifestyle sectors. In the social media sector check out InSight, which allows you to locate people you know near your location. Google Glass has been tested in everything involving everyday life and there is a video as well to provide you with insight into the consumer experience.

Google Glass for Travel

According to the article “Google Glass- the Next Big Thing in the travel industry?” Google Glass will be a game changer in the travel world. You will be able to check in for real time flight details, which will include your itinerary, directions to airport gates, and walking time to the gate. Also, your glasses will be able to direct you and act as a GPS in your vehicle; all you’ll have to do is talk to the glass. Guidebooks will also become available on the platform, making it easy to obtain details about your current location.

Google Glass for Automobiles

Google Glass apps are also jumping into the automotive industry, allowing users to control various features of Tesla cars. A few features the consumer will control with Google Glass include the battery charging process and status, opening of doors or windows, and adjusting the heat and air conditioning.

The Future of Google Glass

Even though the device has been created and many applications have already been tested, the final release date has yet to be stated. There are reports that suggest that Google is anticipating a stellar sale and already has designer versions in the works. Google Glass apps are sure to be the next big thing and now is the time to think ahead about how this innovation could enhance your business.

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