iPhone 5 features

Finally, the day has come. The day when all the rumors and leaks of the past few months are put to rest and we find out just what the new iPhone 5 has to offer.

Anticipation of this latest iteration has been more intense than perhaps any iPhone model since the original in 2007. Last year, expectations for a “5” were dashed by the release of the iPhone 4S, which held improvements to be sure, but apart from the introduction of Siri wasn’t a revolutionary upgrade.

This time, Apple fans were hoping for more. And they got it.

Bigger screen

The most noticeable difference is the larger display on the iPhone 5. It’s been enlarged from 3.5 inches to 4.0 inches, while maintaining the same width. It’s a much more widescreen display now, with a resolution of 1136 x 640.

Older apps made for previous iPhones will run at their original resolution with black bars at either end of the display. Apple’s apps, like iWork and Garage Band, have been updated to take the new resolution into account and fill the screen.

Faster, thinner, lighter

The phone is taller than before, but the weight and thickness have actually been reduced from the previous generation. It now weighs 114 grams and is only 7.6 millimeters thick, or just over a quarter of an inch.

To go with the thinner design is a new dock connector, much smaller than the 30-pin connector that’s been used on iPods and iPhones since 2003. There are adapters available, but at the announcement as liveblogged by Engadget, Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing, pointed out that syncing and playing through speakers can now be done wirelessly.

Speaking of wireless, the iPhone 5 supports LTE, which can theoretically download data at up to 100Mbps. That makes it a 4G phone, the first in the iPhone line.  There’s also a new A6 processor to make all apps run more smoothly.

And that’s not all

Apple also detailed iOS 6 with Apple’s own Maps application, replacing Google Maps from previous versions. There were other announcements as well:

  • Simplified interface for iTunes
  • New iPod nano with 2.5-inch multitouch display
  • Thinner, lighter iPod touch with Retina display
  • New earbuds called EarPods

Did Apple announce everything you hoped? Let us know in the comments!

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