Angry Birds has officially announced via their blog post that they will be flying on over to Facebook.  It is hard to imagine they aren’t on Facebook yet.  They will officially make the move on Valentines Day. How appropriate for those who seem to hate the love based holiday.  It is unclear of the full extent Angry Birds will take on the social media site, but it’s reported that Angry Birds on Facebook will include online leaderboards and special power-ups that users can buy for ninety-nine cents a pop.  For those of you who are obsessed with Angry Birds then you already know it is available on the Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone.  This blog is really for the fans that LOVE the game and to you it is probably more of an “it’s about time” sort of deal.  So if you aren’t looking forward to Valentines Day take out the love hate while playing some Angry Birds on Facebook! How does that sound?

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