Zco Corporation is an app development company located in Nashua NH. We have been in the software business for over 25 years and have been creating with a number of platforms such as .Net, Java, PHP and Coldfusion. Our experience in many aspects of the software spectrum, and proficiency in other areas including 3D animation, video production, and marketing make Zco the top choice for an app development company in USA.

The sale of smart phones in recent years has continued to sky rocket, and with that comes expanding app markets, particularly with iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7. Our app developers can help you take your app idea and turn it into something that can be popular and profitable.Every day new and exciting apps are being released as the market expands, and you’ll need to choose the right app development team to achieve your goals and stand out from the rest.

Two Phones Show Apps Built with Zco’s App Development Services

What really makes our app development firm excel with all of the completion competition around is the full range of digital services that we offer.Do you want your app to hit multiple platforms? We have you covered. Do you want amazing high definition 2D and 3D graphics? We offer that too. Do you need someone to help you promote and market your app? We even offer video marketing, search engine optimization, and press releases. Zco Corporation offers you a complete solution for all your digital requirements - custom mobile applications, 3D animation and games, and custom enterprise software development.

Along with all our digital services, you’ll find exceptional sales people and extremely competitive rates. When you begin your project, a sales person will be your constant contact throughout the project, as well as a project manager assigned specifically to your app.

The project manager will give you an estimate based on the time the work requires. It is strictly an estimate but it comes from past experiences to assess the price. You can check in as needed with the project manager. They will also keep in contact with you every step of the way to make sure the project is coming along just as you like.

App development companies, like Zco, have internal marketing to help promote the application. In the sales stage of project development, you can arrange to have a marketing campaign started when the app is finished being developed. It is a good idea to have a press release sent at the same time it is released in the App Store. A marketing campaign can consist of a press release, a video, and exposure on the app development companies website. It is not required to go through the development company for marketing, if you have your own marketing initiatives.

If you decide to get your app created, choose a market leader in the app development field. It will be done quickly and effectively.

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