App ideas are being turned into cash-flow everyday

As of April 29, 2010 the latest data states there are 191,868 apps currently available in the app store. With ideas being turned into cash-flow everyday, entrepreneurs are scrambling to come up with next big app idea. If you aren’t a developer and you have a great idea for an app, there are some precautions you should follow. As one of largest iPhone development companies in the world, we have some tips to harness your iPhone App Idea.

Application development for iPhone

  1. Get References – On freelancing sites you may find the lowest prices for hiring a developer, but if you are investing in your idea, be sure you are working with an establish reliable developer.

  2. Wide Range of Feature Knowledge – If you have a new feature idea or your app reviews suggest updates, you don’t want to be stuck with a developer that has limited feature knowledge. Try to choose a company with a wide range of skills.

  3. Use Someone with Multi-Platform Knowledge – If your app is successful you will likely want to expand its platform to the iPad, Android or BlackBerry. Using a developer that knows several platforms will save you time and money.

  4. Extensive User Testing and Debugging Skills – Your ratings in the app store are crucial to the success of your iPhone apps. If your app has not been thoroughly tested and debugged, negative reviews could “kill” your sales. Make sure your developer has an expertise in this area.

  5. Market Your App – If you build it they will come? Not without marketing they won’t. Don’t throw your app in the app store and expect it to sell itself. Use marketing tools like Search Engine Optimization, Press Releases and Video Demonstrations to get the word out about your app.


These tips should be followed now matter what platform you’re using - iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4.0, iPad, Android or BlackBerry.

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