Having a hard time keeping up with the latest Food & Drink, Social Networking, Lifestyle, and Travel apps? Developed by Zco Corporation for our clients, here’s a list of some of the cool new apps that have hit the app store so far in 2015.

1. Cooking Planit – Planning a dinner for friends or family? Wondering how to decide on the meal combinations? As the Cooking Planit is a Food & Drink app that helps to plan mealsname suggests, Cooking Planit is just what you need.  The app is exclusively designed with 800 chef-tested recipes and thousands of meal combinations, making purchasing groceries and serving meals easy. The perfectly timed cooking instructions combined with the walk through of the cooking process help you to be the perfect meal maestro. Some features of the app include:

  • Adjusting quantity of the meal

  • Building meal combos using the intelligent search features

  • Creating categorized grocery lists

  • Creating a meal cookbook based on dietary restrictions

One of the most striking and unique features of the app is that it searches ingredients already in the pantry and helps you prepare meals based on these same ingredients. Cooking Planit allows you to sync your account to multiple devices, thus making cooking absolutely hassle free. $0.99 for iOS and $1.99 for Android.

Audio Chef an audio instructions app

2. Audio Chef Co. – Reading through cook book instructions or tapping your phone every few minutes can be cumbersome while cooking, so here’s an app that lets you listen while you cook. The narrated, real-time audio  instructions make it easy to follow the recipe even without referring to your cookbook or phone.

Filled with cooking tips and stories, the app gives you a whole new experience of cooking. A perfect cooking companion who helps you prepare meals quickly and efficiently based on diet or ingredients. Learn to cook exotic cuisines, twenty-minute meals, and delicious desserts all with the help of Audio Chef. Free for iOS.

HippoScout, a great Lifestyle app3.  HippoScout – Are you new to New Hampshire? Want to know more about the land, events, and activities the state has to offer to you? All you need is to get the best events and activities guide in NH, the HippoScout app. The app comes with the largest database of activities in the state that can be categorized based on time and location. With the help of HippoScout, you can find the best events in NH like music, books, theater, workshops, nightlife and more! Free for iOS and Android.


EMBR, a unique Social networking app4. EMBR - A cool new way to connect to your partner even in the busy schedules of life. The EMBR app helps couples to make the best of their time together, building their relationship stronger and connecting better. The app notifies both partners when they are in the mood to spend intimate time with each other. It not only helps to improve communication between partners but also brings back romance and fun into relationships. Free for iOS.


MYTRAVELRX, best medical travel app 5. MYTRAVELRX – Keeping track of your health while traveling can be tough. MYTRAVELRX app provides a personalized health service subscription based on your medical profile. It includes some great features like itinerary specific pre-travel vaccinations, real-time alerts about local disease outbreaks, prescription management, and geopolitical concerns. The app also provides information on location specific medical providers and US embassies, making your travel trouble-free. Free for iOS and Android.


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