One day a small team of humble and innovative personalities, tucked away in an office in San Francisco, and the next day, a billion dollars richer. The creative and innovative minds responsible for the rave that is Instagram sold their "pride and joy" to Facebook this past week for a flattering $1billion. So what does this mean exactly? How does it influence future businesses that place their success upon a Mobile or Web Application?

It means the world! With the success that Instagram has shown the App world, it has opened the door, and may prove to inspire the interests of other businesses or start-ups to consider building the foundation of their business upon an application.

Once only accessible with iPhone, Instagram now has a huge influx of Android users.  Such a simple concept and idea has become a huge hit just two years after its initial release.

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Most of the most memorable success stories stem from simple ideas turned into big bucks. The Post-It is a prime example of such a simple solution to a problem that was considered inconvenient. Instagram created an application that allowed its users to take beautifully captivating photos, edit them and share across their social networks. How simple, how convenient and most of all how fun

A few other application-based businesses that paved the way:

Draw Something - Social drawing game Draw Something:

This social game allows two players to take turns drawing a picture that their opponent has to guess the word that the drawing represents. This simple game concept that has been played for generations through Pictionary is now available as a mobile app with Draw Something. It was purchased by Farmville developers Zynga for $180 million in March of 2012.

Angry Birds mobile game from Rovio Entertainment Angry Birds:

There is no hiding the fact that this mobile app from developers Rovio Entertainment has captured our childish hearts. With 700 million downloads as of this March, one might wonder how many mobile phones are there, and is anyone getting work done?

Words With Friends social game by Zynga Words with Friends:

Another social game developed and published by Zynga. With over 1.6 million active users on a daily basis, this Scrabble-like game has grown tremendously, and has provided Zynga with incredible success. And much like Draw Something and Angry Birds, Words with Friends has opened a barn door of opportunity for future application-based businesses.


With the direction the digital world is taking in accordance to applications and the solutions they present to consumers, it is only logical to imagine if you are looking to start a business, or are looking to restructure your business direction, an application ultimately could produce incredible success for you and your brand.

There is a certain type of intimacy that is presented between a business and their consumer through an application. With how active people are in their mobile usage, and involvement on social networks, consumers feel the need to share, like, tweet, blog and pin their interests as though the whole world were their forum, and it was their time to speak atop a soapbox.

What Instagram did was take advantage of this urgency for expression with an app.  With a simple snapshot of a photo and sharing across social networks, Instagram took us all by storm. And Facebook founder Zuckerberg had to have his hands on this consumer trend.

There has been an incredible growth of interest by venture capitalists toward mobile app development. Convenience and sharing is everything in today’s digital age. Developing an app for your company or brand that caters to these two components ultimately could find your business on a similar path of success to that of Instagram’s. Setting realistic goals based around an app could get you there.

Whether it be an idea for a social game app or an idea for an application that could be the next big simple solution (the Post-It of applications), we at Zco Corporation can help turn any idea into an app. Request a call to speak with one of our mobile experts about how we can help.

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