NameCatcher Biz is Great for Taking Care of Business, Says NY Post

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The New York Post released their list of App Stars this week, highlighting the best Smartphone programs for taking care of business. NameCatcher Biz™, an app created by Catcher in the Sky, LLC and programmed by Zco Corporation, was mentioned as one of the best apps for business.

NY Post Dubs NameCatcher Biz

NameCatcher Biz™ saves users from the embarrassment of forgetting names of people in their business lives by allowing users to input or record a name, assign a category of where they met the contact and add a reference hint. A quick search by category, keyword or GPS location in NameCatcher Biz™ allows users to find the names they need in a split second, before they see that person again.

news_clipping.jpgAvailable for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, NameCatcher Biz™ is a valuable business tool well worth it’s cost of $.99 in the iTunes app store.

news_clippingOther great apps mentioned in the article include FlightTrack Pro for confirming flight status, White Noise for office ambiance music, Next Train NYC for calculating subway arrivals and Coffee Order which tracks how your colleagues and customers take their coffee.

For a video tutorial of NameCatcher Biz™, click here.

For interest in commercial app development please contact NameCatcher’s programmer, Zco Corporation at

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