Beyond Fitness: The Future of Wearable Devices in Healthcare

Mobile app development company Zco Corporation presents a list of wearable devices in healthcare. Continue reading →

Small Business Expo Draws Huge Interest in App Development

Zco Corporation exhibits at the first Small Business Expo in Miami, FL on January 17th. Take a look at photos from the event, and learn about upcoming events on our never-ending tour. Continue reading →

Mobile Hurts PC Shipments, Helps Cyber Monday Sales

Mobile isn’t just creeping up to compete with the desktop PC world – it’s already a major force. Continue reading →

How Does Xamarin Improve Cross Platform App Development?

Xamarin is one of the most powerful native as well as hybrid app development tools available. Using the C# programming language, developers can use Xamarin to build apps for various platforms including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Continue reading →

How to Use Ad Networks to Monetize Your Mobile App

Top ad aggregator networks can be built into mobile apps to help monetize them. Continue reading →
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