Apple Watch Series 2 and iPhone 7 Revealed

Apple Watch arguably received a more significant upgrade than iPhone this time around. There’s now a GPS chip built into the watch, available to third-party apps.
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Swift for App Development – Zco Engineers Speak

Zco’s developers have become wizards at using Swift, Apple’s preferred programming language for iOS apps, supplanting Objective-C.
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Pokémon GO Proves Potential of Augmented Reality Games

Pokémon GO, developed by augmented reality company Niantic, became the most downloaded free app in the USA less than five hours after its release. It became the top grossing app in 14 hours.
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Is Augmented Reality A Good Fit for Retail Woes?

Augmented Reality applications offer time-saving and convenient features for shoppers as well as retailers.
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4 iOS 10 Improvements from WWDC 2016

At WWDC 2016, Apple announced more developer access to iOS and macOS core functionality, giving third-party apps more potential.
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