Apple Watch, Apple Pay, & iPhone 6 Offer New App Possibilities

Developers can take advantage of the larger iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus, as well as Apple Watch and Apple Pay. Continue reading →

Samsung, Motorola, Nokia Unveil New Mobile Hotness

On Tuesday, Apple is expected to reveal the hotly anticipated iPhone 6. This week, however, saw announcements of several other mobile devices from Samsung, Motorola, and Nokia. Continue reading →

Back To School Apps for Parents & Students

With Fall approaching quickly Zco took a look back at some of the apps we got to develop for students and parents. These applications aim to make this hectic time a little easier for everyone. Continue reading →

Amazon Fire Phone Includes New Possibilities for Developers

With its hardware features and new SDKs, the Amazon Fire Phone makes a bunch of new apps possible. Continue reading →

Choose Your Own Device (CYOD): The Next Big Enterprise Mobility Agenda

A compromise called CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) is emerging from the mobile acronym jungle. The new buzzword in enterprise mobility is a mobile device policy that offers employees a choice of company-approved devices, paired with pre-determined operating systems. The employee typically purchases the device. Continue reading →
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