Google Gives Developers Frameworks Galore at I/O 2016

Google’s I/O keynote event on Wednesday, May 18 was uncharacteristically light on exciting info for consumers, but developers found plenty to sink their teeth into.
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Android Studio 2.0 is Google’s New, Improved Development Suite

New features in Android Studio 2.0 include code analysis and an instant run emulator. 
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What the iPhone SE Means for iOS App Development

The 4-inch screen of the iPhone SE displays apps designed for the iPhone 5 perfectly. Backward compatibility is now futureproofing.
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Apple TV App Store Open to Developers

The introduction of the App Store on the Apple TV 4 streaming box gives Apple a living room foothold in categories such as education, health & fitness, lifestyle, news, and sports. 
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How Enterprise Apps with Gamification Can Improve Your Business

Turning everyday business work into productive engagement for employees is challenging. Gamification of enterprise apps is one solution that has emerged in recent years.
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