Apple Watch, Apple Pay, & iPhone 6 Offer New App Possibilities

Developers can take advantage of the larger iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus, as well as Apple Watch and Apple Pay. Continue reading →

Samsung, Motorola, Nokia Unveil New Mobile Hotness

The unveiling of all new galaxy note edge, windows phone 8.1 devices, and Motorola 360 is sure to give a tough competition to the much expected iPhone6. Continue reading →

Back To School Apps for Parents & Students

With Fall approaching quickly Zco took a look back at some of the apps we got to develop for students and parents. These applications aim to make this hectic time a little easier for everyone. Continue reading →

Amazon Fire Phone Includes New Possibilities for Developers

With its hardware features and new SDKs, the Amazon Fire Phone makes a bunch of new apps possible. Continue reading →

Choose Your Own Device (CYOD): The Next Big Enterprise Mobility Agenda

A compromise called CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) is emerging from the mobile acronym jungle. The new buzzword in enterprise mobility is a mobile device policy that offers employees a choice of company-approved devices, paired with pre-determined operating systems. The employee typically purchases the device. Continue reading →
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