Creating Faces with 3D Animation

Facial animation is an integral part of character animation. It defines the expression and emotions of characters. Continue reading →

Animated Book Brings Frankenweenie to Life

An animated book provides a marketing opportunity for the Tim Burton/Disney movie Frankenweenie. Continue reading →

3D is Popular and More Content is Coming

The Olympics are in 3D, India has released its first stereoscopic 3D animated film and 3D TV sets are selling like hotcakes. Continue reading →

3D Model Puts Common Cold in Researchers’ Sights

Researchers in Melbourne have simulated the movement of the human rhinovirus on Australia’s fastest supercomputer. Continue reading →

3D is a Welcome Addition to Gaming

Even if 3D films aren't to your taste, check out 3D gaming. Done well, 3D gaming is worth the time and expense of 3D-supporting displays. Continue reading →
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