How 3D Modeling Features Innovation in Medical Science

3D modeling can enhance medical science and promise better health care, improved medical diagnosis, advanced treatment, and increased product efficiency. 
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Top 3D Modeling Apps for Mobile Creativity

Here’s a look at the top 3D modeling apps. 3D modeling plays vital step in 3D animation and helps in 3D asset creation for various industrial areas. 
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4 Ways Medical Animation Simplifies Healthcare and Patient Education

Advancements in medical technology have changed the way people view and understand healthcare. For educating patients, 3D animation technology is on the forefront and it opens doors to find healthcare solutions.
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Creating Faces with 3D Animation

Creating a 3D animated face requires some facial animation techniques. 3D animation is not only limited to films but it can be applied in different areas.
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Animated Book Brings Frankenweenie to Life

An animated book provides a marketing opportunity for the Tim Burton/Disney movie Frankenweenie.
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