Creating Faces with 3D Animation

Creating a 3D animated face requires some facial animation techniques. 3D animation is not only limited to films but it can be applied in different areas.
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MMO and Social Mobile Gaming Take Off

On the current trend where mobile games constitutes most of the app revenue, social gaming and MMO games are taking control over mobile gaming genre.
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Why is Creating Hybrid Mobile Apps Becoming More Popular?

There are still different options when creating hybrid mobile apps. It depends upon the functionality and portability desired. Hybrid tools like Xamarin, PhoneGap, and Titanium allow developers to design, code, and execute across multiple platforms
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Zco Named Top iPhone App Development Company in the World

We are thrilled to announce that Zco Corporation has been named the number one iPhone App Development Company by Best Web Design Agencies for May 2014.
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UMass Lowell Students Learn About Bringing Apps to Market

Our very own Randy Peterson spoke about app development at the University of Massachusetts Lowell campus last week.
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