Matt Cestone Presents Beermont Stakes, the Game of Playing Cards, Horse Racing, and Drinks

Beermont Stakes is a horse racing drinking game that combines the fun of playing cards with the excitement of horse racing and puts it all at your fingertips. In-game race announcing tracks the progress of each horse as they race down to the track to see who gets to pass out drinks. So grab your beers and join in the fun!
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NiteHawk, the Hybrid App from NiteOWL, Announced for iPhone, iPad, and Android

NiteHawk, a new app for iPhone, iPad, and Android, helps users to find and rank the leisure spots close to them. It is available for free in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.
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How To Get Your Mobile App Noticed (After Release)

Last week, we talked about generating buzz for an app before it hits the market. What about the app that’s already out there? Post-release marketing takes you from the initial launch through updates and, ideally, growing success.
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How to Get Your Mobile App Noticed (Before Release)

With more than two million mobile apps competing for consumer attention, learning which practices work to set your app apart is crucial.
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The Creator of SEQUENCE®, Doug Reuter, Invents QB8™ App for iPad

The famed creator of the board game SEQUENCE®, Doug Reuter, proudly introduces the iPad App version of QB8™! Players combine complex strategy that includes cards, dice, and distinctively designed cubes.
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