Why So Serious (Games)?

“Serious games” today are quite different. The term defines a genre of games that serve a purpose other than pure entertainment.  That purpose could be to improve fitness or wellness, teach a new skill, or to improve brand awareness. Most serious games fall into one of three categories: Simulations, Game-Based Learning, or Health Games.
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It’s a Wrap – Zco Corporation’s 25th Anniversary Celebration is Complete!

Zco Corporation celebrated 25 years in business on Wednesday, November 19, 2014. We hosted a networking celebration and invited members of the local business community to come into our office, learn more about Zco, and build community business connections. 
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Zco Celebrates 25 Years in Business

To commemorate our 25th year in business, Zco Corporation is hosting a fall harvest celebration on November 19, 2014.
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Experience the World Around You with Landmarks AR

The augmented reality application was created for outdoor enthusiasts to locate and identify both natural and man-made sites worldwide.
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