Four Important App Development Trends from 2013

Zco reviews app development trends its own developers observed in 2013 projects.
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Michael Moon’s Review for Zco for iLinks App

Hi, my name's Michael Moon from 4M development and I am the creator of iLinks. iLinks is an iOS application compatible with your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. You should download iLinks today because iLinks helps you find all the apps that you never knew existed.
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How to Optimize Your Apps in iTunes App Store & Google Play

App Store Optimization or ASO is the process of enhancing your mobile app visibility in an app store.
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Chargers Multiplayer Board Game for Tablets by Eric Phillips Evokes Medieval Battles

New mobile game Chargers has elements of chess and reversi, and it is now available for iPad and Android tablets.
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Mobile Hurts PC Shipments, Helps Cyber Monday Sales

Mobile isn’t just creeping up to compete with the desktop PC world – it’s already a major force.
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