Humorous 3D Golf Game for iPhone Released by Inter-Course Golf, LLC

A new unique game for the iPhone users takes players around a golf course with some risqué hole names and additional surprises.
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How to Capture Showrooming Shoppers with Mobile Apps

When shoppers hit stores, a lot of them use mobile apps to compare prices, check product reviews, and learn more about what they’re buying.
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How Does Xamarin Improve Cross Platform App Development?

Xamarin is one of the most powerful native as well as hybrid app development tools available. Using the C# programming language, developers can use Xamarin to build apps for various platforms including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.
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How to Use Ad Networks to Monetize Your Mobile App

Top ad aggregator networks can be built into mobile apps to help monetize them.
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Local App Development Company to Offer Technology Insights at Derry Expo

More employers are adopting new technologies in the workplace by implementing BYOD programs and providing employees with devices. On Wednesday,
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