Mobile Gamers Prefer to Play at Home

Solutions Group, an independent research firm, performed the study on behalf of PopCapGames, which is owned by Electronic Arts.
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The Many Benefits of Video Games

A study by Deakin University claim preschoolers who played interactive games perform better on tests of mobility due to effects of gaming.
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Samsung Dominates Smartphone Shipments in Q2

In the second quarter of 2012, 153.9 million smartphones were shipped to customers, and nearly a third of them were from Samsung.
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Ed Barone Shares his Review for Zco for Word-Ed App

Word-Ed is an educational mobile app created by Ed Barone. Learn about his experience with Zco Corporation by reading or watching his testimonial as apart of our Zco reviews. Word-Ed allows one or two players to roll a die to find hidden words. You can also learn the definitions of the words while you play!

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Advertising on iOS More Profitable Than Android

A new report from the Opera ad network shows that it’s more profitable for content providers to advertise on iOS than on Android.
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