Windows Phone 8 App Submissions Up 40 Percent

Since Windows Phone 8 was released in October, Microsoft has had a “sustained 40% increase” in the number of apps submitted for the mobile operating system.
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Apps for Your 2013 New Year’s Resolutions

Don’t let what happened to last year’s goals be a deterrent in creating a new list for 2013. Here are a few popular resolutions and some mobile apps that can help keep those goals alive all year round.
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Zco Sponsors New England Venture Summit 2012

The summit, presented by youngStartup Ventures, served as an opportunity for venture capitalist, CEOs of emerging tech companies and investors to network and explore various opportunities in the industry.
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Car Makers Test Augmented Reality Windshields & Windows

Automobile makers are experimenting with augmented reality displays in windshields and windows of new cars.
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Is BlackBerry Useful For Mobile Marketing?

Despite its less market share and availability, initiate a Mobile Marketing Strategy via Blackberry with right features for business could increase sales.
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