NFC in Phones Will Enable More Functionality, Tech Execs Say

Leaders in the technology industry gathered at the Smart Card Alliance NFC Solutions Summit 2012 last week to discuss the future of Near Field Communication technology in mobile phones.
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Mobile Ads Presents a Clever Marketing Opportunity

The amount of money spent on mobile advertising isn't in line with the amount of time Americans spend using mobile devices.
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Siri Troubles For the Public and Businesses Alike

Multiple issues seem to be plaguing Siri, Apple’s PDA on the iPhone 4S, for those both in the personal and corporate world.
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Maximizing Downloads of Your Mobile Application

Want to increase downloads of your mobile application? Check out these tips.
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LG Releases 5-Inch 440ppi Display

LG has released a new display for smart devices with more pixels per inch than any currently-released display.
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