Barnes & Noble says e-books outselling print 3-1 on

Barnes & Noble report says booksellers had a rise in sale on its website caused by the growth of company’s Nook e-reader, e-books and nook products.
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Apple Anticipated iCloud could be Affected by the Dropbox Authentication Issue

The recent glitch in Dropbox authentication may scare people to rely on it. Following the issue, Apple expected that more users will switch to Apple iCloud.
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Easy to Install OS X Lion Almost Ready to Rock and Roar

Apple is all set to launch the new mac operating system named OS X Lion with some outstanding features. It can be downloaded from App Store for $29.99.
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The tablet: A Cross-Consumer Device of Choice

Surveys reveal that the tablet market is growing fast. It is widely used in every walls of life like schools, colleges, for e-books and gaming and the like.

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Acer Reduces Tablet Shipment Target by More Than 50%

The shipment of Acer tablets comes down to more than 50%. Acer states that the reduction in sale is a part of their plan that can reduce inventory in the retail channel.
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