Pearson Foundation Survey Illustrates Positive Feedback for Tablets Among Students

A survey lead by Person foundation shows that most of the students they surveyed felt that using tablets in education help them to perform better in class.
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iPad Polled to be Top Consumer Choice

Recent CNET news from its survey says people choose iPad over other lap top type devices. Nearly 10000 people vote iPad as their favorite device.
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Report Shows iPad's Growing Presence in Retail Shopping

iPad marking its glory in retail shopping. Latest Shopatron report shows that people prefer their iPad to place orders instead of using any other device.
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Apple Faces Trademark Battle Over Rights to "App Store"

The battle comes to an end. Apple now owns special trademark rights over the term ‘App store’ and ‘Appstore’, even if their competitors claimed it is invalid.
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John Forcucci Gives his Review for Zco for the NHPR App

My name is John Forcucci. I’m Vice President for News and Digital Media at New Hampshire Public Radio. New Hampshire Public Radio, like most digital media companies - and that's what we are nowadays - have been moving to get our news and programming onto mobile apps.
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