Cluzee Your New Best Friend

Cluzee is the new Android voice command alternative over the Siri on iPhone 4s reads writes text messages and emails and even can send it from your voice.
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Eric Riccio’s Review for Zco for iSnare Practice Pad App

Well I’m Eric, and I’ve been a drum teacher now for over twenty years. So I decided to make an application called the iSnare Practice Pad to help the percussionists practice their skills and for anybody that wants to learn basics of the snare drum.
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Rumor Mill: Sharp will provide displays for next iPhone and iPad

Rumors are coming out that Apple display for the next generation iPhone and iPad will be made with Sharp for IGZO LCD panels and work for OLED panels in future.
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Low money gotcha blue? Download a deal app or two!

Enjoy your shopping awesome in this holiday season with great deals. Check out some of the deal apps which let us know the latest worthy deals on the internet.
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Coming Soon: The Galaxy Nexus

The new Nexus Galaxy from Samsung will be the first android device that supports Ice cream sandwich operating system with the new feature Face Unlock.
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