Steve Jobs Biography to Top the Charts

Followed to the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson biography on Steve jobs jumped as the top selling book of the year in the Amazon site.
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Comparing 3D Animation Software

A comparison of 3D animation softwares can guide you to choose the best package that suit your game development needs analyzing its merits and demerits.
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Game Revenue-Mobile, Social Network and Online

Technology transforms Mobile Game development industry. The mobile and online social network platform with growing customer base makes it more profitable.
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Motorola Razr Resurrected!

Motorola launched its new product droid Razr. The droid Razr specs are spectacular and it will be released in this November, says Verizon Wireless.
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iPhone 4S Breaks Sales Records

The iPhone 4s sale touched 4 million just within the first week after launch. Obviously, the Apple iPhone 4s specs hold all the applause.
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