Barnes & Noble says e-books outselling print 3-1 on

A recent Barnes & Noble report might not be too comforting to book retailers who hope the e-book phenomenon is just a phase. According to the report, the bookseller has had a sharp rise in sales on its website, The jump in sales is attributed to the growth of the company’s Nook e-reader, e-books and other Nook-related products. Continue reading →

Apple Anticipated iCloud could be Affected by the Dropbox Authentication Issue

Could Apple’s high hopes for its iCloud be dashed with Dropbox’s recent authentication glitch? Continue reading →

Easy to Install OS X Lion Almost Ready to Rock and Roar

Apple must really love its customers because the company is making it super easy to upgrade a Mac to OS X Lion. How easy, you ask? Well, now all users have to do is go to the App Store, buy OS X Lion for $29.99 and download…that’s it. Continue reading →

The tablet: A Cross-Consumer Device of Choice

Tablets’ popularity among high school and college students has been abundantly clear, and not at all unexpected. Now, however, data shows the tablet intriguing all walks of life. A recent survey from Samsung confirms this fact.
Continue reading →

Acer Reduces Tablet Shipment Target by More Than 50%

Acer Chairman J.T. Wang recently announced the company is set to reduce the full-year shipment target for tablets by more than 50 percent. The shipment target, which initially was set to range from 5 million to 7 million tablets, is now down to 2.5 million to 3 million. Continue reading →
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