DEXSAR Service integrated with Iron Mountain’s Archive Services Platform

DEXSAR’s solution for the challenge of dealing confidential files and private data in cloud will be paired with Iron Mountain Archive Services Platform.
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You Never Know Who You're Going to Meet at The Domain Conference

Owen Frager shared his experience in attending the Domainfest with Zco. He emphasized on to find app development vendors by attending the coming fests.
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NameCatcher Biz is Great for Taking Care of Business, Says NY Post

NameCatcher Biz, one of the best business apps for iPad came in the top 5 app list released by the New York Post. The app is programmed by Zco Corporation.
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David Asplund of Zco Corporation Invited to Speak at DOMAINfest NY 2010

The DOMAINfest New York 2010 will hear the voice of Zco Corporation with David Asplund.  The topic of confab will include back-end and mobile technologies.
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