Microsoft Co-Founder Files Lawsuit Against 11 Companies including Facebook & Apple

Microsoft files a lawsuit against 11 companies for their patent violation. Will the Microsoft lawsuit ban the services that are currently offered by them?
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Mobile Apps Raise Privacy Concerns

Recent Wall street journal report shows that most of the iPhone apps they analyzed are sharing personal data to developers for the purpose of ad campaign.
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Microsoft to Announce New Tablets at CES in January

Reports say, Microsoft introduces a set of tablets at the CES Las Vegas in January. May be this is an attempt to cope up with the Android and iPad devices.
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Phantom of the Arts App Brings Mystical Art Wallpaper to iOS

Set your phone with superb wallpapers. The new digital art app Phantom of the Arts let you to choose from distinct wallpapers created by artist Kenhappen.
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Amazon Announces a New Web App Version of the Kindle

Amazon launched the new version of Kindle web app. Unlike the previous version of web app, it offers the user read the full books in browsers and more.
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