Kelly Nowlin & Lisa Gordon Share their Review for Zco for NameCatcher

After meeting with all the other companies we came right back to Zco. Right from the start they were collaborative with us and they had great ideas of how to make our applications even better than we thought they were to start with.
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Storyboard from the iPad with StoryPages 2

StoryPage 2 is an iPad story maker app which allows users to create expressive stories where illustrations can be made with photos, drawings and text.
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Highlights from the 2010 GeoDomain Expo

Courtney LeClaire and David Ausplund of Zco Corporation attended the ‘social media’ and ‘mobilizing websites’ panels respectively in the GeoDomain Expo 2010.
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Access To Your Medical Records – Online & on Your Smartphone

Abbo EMR is a web integrated mobile health and fitness app created by Zco Corporation. The app acts like a record for user’s current and past medical info.
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Doctor Fred Abbo’s Review for Zco for Abbo EMR Web & iPhone App

Hi, I’m  Doctor Fred Abbo from La Jolla, California. Zco Corporation developed for me the Abbo EMR, a state of the art electronic medical records program. Zco was able to manage the development of Abbo EMR
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