Why Choose Zco?

  • Dependable 25-year veterans in the custom software industry
  • Large development team with unparalleled in-house technical proficiencies
  • Solution provider for hundreds of businesses including Fortune 500 enterprises
  • Builder of best-selling, award-winning apps generating millions in revenue & national media recognition
  • Time-tested project management built to maximize ROI on schedule and on budget
  • The people at Zco are true professionals, and I would highly recommend anyone looking for a software developer to take a close look at what they have to offer.

    Ron Caoua
    Morning Star

  • We met the deadline that we were shooting for. I would strongly recommend Zco Corporation for any app you are considering developing.

    Tom Bradley
    Chatsworth Products, Inc.

  • Michael and David did a great job and we’re very pleased with the end result.

    Kelly Caton

  • Zco has talented, skilled staff. They were easy to work with, did high quality work, and helped us step-by-step to develop our first app.

    Kim Nolte
    Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential

  • Thanks for the prompt turnaround, Zco rocks!!

    J. Ed Smith
    Utz Quality Foods, Inc.

  • Zco did a great job, it is a pleasure working with them.

    Travis Davis
    Point N Time Software

  • You guys are amazing! Thank you for being such a good partner with us during our project and beyond!

    Kelly Alvord
    Patient Advocate Foundation

  • You guys are awesome, we will do business again!

    Ty Pham

  • I now have one of the coolest iPhone apps on the market. And it’s all thanks to the folks at Zco.

    Jimmy Dunn
    Eck App

iOS Development

Black Apple logo to Visualize App Making Companies

Apple’s mobile operating system is the most profitable platform for developers. For that reason, it’s often the first place apps are released. Decades of traditional software experience give Zco unique insight into best practices for user interface design, data security, and development methodologies. We've been building apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch since their release, so iTunes App Store optimization is second nature.

Learn more on our Mobile App Development page.

Android Development

Picture for Android Apps Development Company

As the mobile operating system powering the majority of smartphones and tablets, Android is a phenomenal platform for reaching the maximum number of users. Android devices possess a wide variety of hardware components and technical capabilities, giving consumers and businesses a great deal of choice. Zco is a leader among app companies developing for this diverse platform and distributing on Google Play.

Learn more on our Mobile App Development page.

Windows Development

top windows phone app development company image

Microsoft moved away from its Windows Mobile platform to compete with iOS and Android, and the result was a common touch interface between phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Zco develops Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps with the same care as with every other mobile operating system - and all the desktop development in our background doesn't hurt. 

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BlackBerry Development

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Although not as large a player in mobile devices as it once was, BlackBerry still commands a large and loyal user base. BlackBerry 10 modernized the venerable platform for the latest devices, handling keyboards and touchscreens with ease. Zco is committed to being an application development company that creates apps for Blackberry devices that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Learn more on our Mobile App Development page.

.Net Development

.net web services image from zco corporation

Microsoft’s .NET framework opens up software development to a broad swath of programmers. Zco employs dedicated .NET developers that bring their expertise and experience to every Web and desktop project we produce for our customers.

Learn more on our Enterprise Software Development page.

Java Development

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By utilizing Java, Web applications can run in virtually any browser on virtually any operating system. Zco has been developing Java applications since its release in 1995, building on the company’s web application development experience.

Learn more on our Enterprise Software Development page.

PHP Development

images for php web application development

The open source PHP scripting language is incredibly versatile, running blogs, e-commerce sites, Facebook applications, and much more. It can even be used to develop standalone desktop applications. Choosing the best format for multiple platforms is part of what makes Zco an expert developer.

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Our Team

Our Team

Our team has been growing steadily in good economies and bad. We’ve never had a layoff and have been fortunate enough to retain many senior team members for more than 15 years.

As one of the largest mobile app development companies in the world, we’ve been able to bring together hundreds of talented employees who specialize in programming, design, animation, marketing, operations, account and project management.

Because everyone in our company has a unique specialty, we believe in a teamwork mentality. Our account and project managers, engineers, and marketers all work together throughout the development process to ensure your project is successful.

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Our Process

Our Proces

When you bring your application or content requirements to Zco, we first protect your intellectual property with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We then evaluate the feasibility of your project and provide an estimate. From then on, there’s constant communication between our project managers and you, our customer.

As developers for hire, we turn over ownership of all source code to you. We can assist with marketing and are always proud to link to satisfied customers on our website. We can also keep our relationship completely confidential – it’s totally up to you.

Learn more on our FAQ page.

Case Studies

App Development Company Zco

Our customers come to us with specific needs. Sometimes they want to solve a specific problem in their business. Sometimes they want to increase their brand recognition. And sometimes they simply want us to create something they can sell.

Whatever their goals, we always appreciate learning how we’ve contributed to a customer’s success. Months or years after we hand over source code, or simply in the process of providing continuous updates, we’re fortunate to get details on how an app, animation, video, or other digital asset has helped a client to achieve objectives.

View complete case studies on the Our Customers page.


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